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Dream Maker Note Card

Dream Maker Note Card

Echoes of Our Grandparents Note Card

Echoes of Our Grandparents Note Card

Comes Home A Dancing Note Card

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Artist: Donald Montileaux , Oglala Lakota

"Coming home from a horse raid or battle, the warrior has freshened himself and his horse, repainted his symbols and removed his shield cover to expose his medicine symbols. He is proud of his success, has a new surge of energy and is riding into camp victorious so that his people will know that he Comes Home A Dancing."— Montileuax

Using the symbol of his Indian name Yellowbird as his artist’s mark, Montileaux is as adaptable as the Lakota culture from which he springs. Primarily a self–taught artist, Montileaux built a reputation by working and creating a unique style for himself. Known for his pictographic style and ledger drawings, his versatility encompasses pen and ink drawings, sculptural mobiles, hide painting and free form work in mixed media.

Note Card Details
  • Single Image
  • 4 1/2 x 6
  • Blank message
  • 10 cards per package
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