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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Shell Earrings

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Shell Earrings

Inlay Cross Earrings

Inlay Cross Earrings

Smashed Stoned Inlay Earrings

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Smashed Stone Inay Earrings

These earrings have been hand-crafted with a variety of stones smashed together. The stones include, spiny oyster, turquoise, and copper. They measure 1 W x 2 H inches on silver french wires.

The Spiny Oyster gemstone is a colorful shell that comes from the oyster species "Spondylus varius", as the name implies, Spiny Oysters are covered with menacing spines. Spiny Oyster shells are unique, beautiful, and also difficult to harvest. Typically found along the coasts of North Carolina all the way down to the waters near Brazil. The shells of the Spiny Oyster are rare finds and are especially treasured by Native American Indian artists.
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