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Earring Beaded Small Butterfly

Earring Beaded Small Butterfly

Turquoise Slab Earrings #8

Turquoise Slab Earrings #8

Purple Mojave Turquoise SlabEarrings

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Purple Mojave Turquoise Earrings

These earrings have been hand-crafted with purple mojave turquoise and sterling silver wrapped around the stone. They measure 1 W x 1.25 H inches on silver french wires.

There is only one source for Purple Mojave Turquoise; the Kingman Turquoise mine in Arizona. This type of turquoise starts out as Blue Kingman Turquoise, it is dyed purple and then goes through a bronze fusion process that creates a bronze color to the matrix. It is then formed, polished, and set. The Kingman Turquoise mine is the only mine authorized to process their turquoise in this way.
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