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The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo

The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo

Indian Horse

Indian Horse

Brave Hearts: Indian Women of The Plains

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Brace Hearts: Indian Women of the Plains
By: Joseph Agonito

It tells the story of Plains Indian women through a series of fascinating bignettes. They are a remarkable group of women - some famous, some obscure. Some were hunters, some were warriors and, in a rare case, one was a chief; some lived extradinary lives, while others lived more quietly in their lodges. Some were born into traditional families and knew their place in society while others were bi-racial who struggled to find their place in a world conflicted between Indian and white. Some never knew anything but the old, nomaidc way of life, while others lived on to suffer through the reservation years. Others were born on the reservation but did their best in difficult times to keep to the old ways. Some never left the reservation while others ventured out into the larger world. All, in their own way, were Plains Indian women.

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