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A Warrior I Have Been

A Warrior I Have Been

The Cherokee Nation and Tahlequah

The Cherokee Nation and Tahlequah

Fort Peck Indian Reservation: Montana

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Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana
Author: Kenneth Shields Jr.

For generations, the Native American people have been a society of great mystery. The Assiniboine and Sioux Indians of the Fort Peck Reservation in northeastern Montana are no exception. Althoughcenturies old, their culture is only now being rediscovered and explored. The idea to reveal some of their fascinating story stemmed from the desire,devotion, and dedication of a few individuals to embrace the opportunity to explore this wondrous race of people. In 1851 at Fort Laramie, Wyoming, the tribes of Montana and Dakota territories signed a treaty with the U.S. Government, which led to thebeginnings of many congressional hearings concerning Native American reservations. In 1886 at Fort Peck Agency, the Sioux and Assiniboine exerted their sovereign powers and agreed with the government to create the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. After much negotiation over the two million acres of land, U.S. Congress ratified the agreement in 1888. This colorful heritage and legacy of Fort Peck is commemorated by the 200 images in this photographic collection. Featured are scenes of tribal leaders, schoolchildren, families, and celebrations from the late 1880s to the 1920s. All of the images were provided by Native American families living on the Fort Peck Reservation, the Fort Peck Tribal Archives, and the Montana Historical Society.

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