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Wedding Vase - Small - Mystic

Wedding Vase - Small - Mystic

A New Life

A New Life

Male Dancer

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Artist: Robert Penn (1946-1999), Sicangu Lakota/Omaha

Penn worked as an art instructor and illustrator before he pursued his painting career full-time.

Penn was a protégé of the late Oscar Howe, and at one time, he was a work-study assistant for the internationally known Sioux artist. However, Penn's style was uniquely his own as he explored the art world with varied media and styles.

He painted the truth as he saw it. He attributed his talent a gift from Wakan Tanka - the Great Spirit - which he was given to use, explore and develop.

Open Series
Paper/Image Size: 24 7/8 inches W x 28 1/8 inches H
Beautifully reproduced on high quality, acid free paper.
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