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Makhóche Kin Thehíla | Love For the Land

Makhóche Kin Thehíla | Love For the Land

Traditional Lakota Songs

Traditional Lakota Songs

Flute Man

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Flute Man (Wichasha Ciyotanka)
Lakota George

For many years I have been known among my people simply as the FLUTE MAN. They would say I'm the man who makes and plays flutes. But it wasn't until my son, Tokala, came up to me one day and said, "Daddy, when I grow up I want to play the flute just like you" that I came to realize just how important my music and my flutes are to me. They are my heritage. They are my power. They are what I am.

All compositions by Lakote George Estes
Produced and Engineered by Lakota George Estes and Norton Lawellin
Voice and Poems by Dawn Little Owl
Keyboard by Paul Laroche
Photography by Paul Jones
Executive Producers: Lakota George Estes & Dawn Little Owl
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