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Pipestone Smudge Pot

Pipestone Smudge Pot

Pipestone Horsehead Pipe

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Pipestone Horsehead Pipe
Artist: James Underbaggage - Dakota

This pipe has been hand-crafted with red pipestone that has been carved into a horsehead. The stem markings represent the hooves of a horse. The pipe measures 2.75 W x 2 H inches and the stem measures .75 W x 9.5 H inches.

Pipestone is a red clay stone that American Indians use for making pipes, beads, and other carved items. It ranges in color from pale pink to brick or blood red and normally has small lighter spots, referred to as stars, scattered throughout. Most pipestone comes from Southwestern Minnesota.

Horses were highly regarded in the Native American culture. These enchanting creatures became a symbol of freedom and also came to represent the history of the Native Americans.
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