The Lakota Ritual Of The  Sweat Lodge

The Lakota Ritual Of The Sweat Lodge

A Boy Called Slow

A Boy Called Slow

With My Own Eyes

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With My Own Eyes: A Lakota Woman Tells Her People's History
Author: Susan Bordeaux Bettelyoun
Author: Josephine Waggoner
Introduction: Emily Levine

With My Own Eyes tells the history of the nineteenth-century Lakotas. Susan Bordeaux Bettelyoun (1857–1945), the daughter of a French-American fur trader and a Brulé Lakota woman, was raised near Fort Laramie and experienced firsthand the often devastating changes forced on the Lakotas. As Bettelyoun grew older, she became increasingly dissatisfied with the way her people’s history was being represented by non-Natives. With My Own Eyes represents her attempt to correct misconceptions about Lakota history. Bettelyoun’s narrative was recorded during the 1930s by another Lakota historian, Josephine Waggoner. This detailed, insightful account of Lakota history was never previously published.

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  • Paperback: 199 pages
  • Publisher: Bison Books (August 1, 1999)
  • ISBN-10: 0803261640
  • ISBN-13: 978-0803261648
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