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Dentalium Dragonfly Necklace

Dentalium Dragonfly Necklace

Orange & Black Dentalium Set

Orange & Black Dentalium Set

Blue Dentalium Necklace

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Artist: Shannon Gillis - 3 Affiliated Tribes - Ft. Berthold

This necklace has been hand-made with dentalium shell and blue beads with a bone pendant. It measures 33 inches in length.

Dentalium shells are small tubular mollusks that look like little elephant tusks. There are over 300 species of dentalium, but the species most used by American Indians were Dentalium (Antalis) Pretiosum which are found along the northwest coast of North America. They have been used ornamentally as beads, money and symbols of wealth for thousands of years and many varieties can be found around the world
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